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Osvaldo Ozzy Reyes I believe in genuinely old fashion services with today’s technology.


My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what my clients have said about my real estate services...


    Ozzy Reyes is efficient, fast and customer service.  Every time we met with Ozzy or spoke with him on the phone, he always took care of are needs efficiently and in a completely professional manner.  Buying the perfect home can create stress.  Ozzy never added to the stress but always helped us to work through it.  In the end, the result was Ozzy helping us truly find the perfect home.   

    Ozzy  went above and beyond.  From the start all the way to putting the keys in our hand, Ozzy stayed right with us to assist us along the way.  The service was always top notch.  

    While Ozzy is 100% professional, he makes you feel like family.  He will be patient and show you every house so that you will make the right choice.  I give Ozzy my highest recommendation.
Thank you

Mark & Ana Molina

Ozzy Thank you, for the extraordinary help that you gave to us in finding our second home in San Antonio. Not only are you extremely knowledgeable about the San Antonio real estate market but are a true gentleman. Ozzy never pushed us to buy any of the homes that we looked at. The final decision was ours and ours alone. Your approach to selling real estate is dramatically different than what we are used to seeing in Texas. The entire process was a pleasure from start to finish and was most appreciated by us. It is no surprise that you, have been so successful in the San Antonio housing market. Thanks again, for all of your expert advice and patience.

 Michelle Villanuera


"From our first contact with Osvaldo Ozzy Reyes, he asked smart questions and made a genuine effort to understand our needs in a home (and indeed he found us the right one). By the same token, he made sure that we had a good grasp of the local market in San Antonio Texas and has assisted us in every step of the process of buying. Especially helpful to us was the fact that Ozzy was readily available by email, phone,or text whenever we had a question. He made the process, which ended up taking many months to locate the right home, a thoroughly enjoyable one, and his optimism and overall good attitude were, priceless and kept us going when it seemed we might never find what we wanted. We can't recommend him highly enough. Ozzy realy love what he does, thanks Ozzy!! 
Chris Melver



     I chose Ozzy Reyes as my Realtor based on the high praises and great experiences my friends had with him as their Realtor.  Ozzy's service, knowledge of homes and the housing market was impeccable.  I felt totally blessed and like I was in good hands having him as my Realtor.  There were so many questions I had going into this experience and being a new home owner; with his help my mind was put at ease.  Ozzy ensured I was where I needed to be financially to purchase the home.  He fought the battles that I couldn't with the builders and mortgage company by asking the tough questions and ensuring their integrity to me as the customer.  If your moving to San Antonio TX call Ozzy Reyes.

Jones, Valicia


Hey House and Realtor Hunters!

We, (Joe and Marcy) planned to move to San Antonio after retirement to be closer to our son.  Just like many people, we didn’t know a soul here outside of our son.  We didn’t know how or who to ask for help in finding a house in a good neighborhood, or  the price ranges of houses.   On weekends we drove to San Antonio and looked at houses.  Our prayers were answered when we drove by a house and there was a truck with a Realtor sign on it, something like (Oasis Realty, Ozzy Reyes, Realtor).  We decided to take a chance and walk in a newly built house and there was Ozzy.  He took the time to show us many, many houses on weekends and sent a whole bunch more online, until we finally bought our perfect house just like we wanted. Ozzy is not only our Realtor, but he also became a good friend.  We strongly recommend Ozzy to be your Realtor, too.  We’re sure you’ll agree with us that you will probably become his friend, also.


Joe and Marcy Chavez

P.S.  Ozzy went above and beyond!  He also had good contacts in the construction business for the little added projects that we wanted for our house.      


"Ozzy's confidence in his experience and ability to meet my desires within 30 days; I instantly wanted to test Osvaldo "Ozzy" integrity. As a result, "a man of his word," we found our home w/in 1 week and got everything we desired...what a Blessing! Ozzy, thank you for your valuing our desires and never allowing us to settle without a fight. I never had to be the "bad guy" with the Sales Consultant, Superintendent, and Loan Officer. Most important, Ozzy represented my wife and I as if he were the buyer. In addition, he ensured the Loan Officer was making our purchase a priority to meet the deadline. With " " years of experience; buyer, Top Sale Consultant for each New Home Builder represented and now Realtor for the people, Ozzy is not afraid to ask for the farm; worst come to worst, you will walk away with at least a stock of cattle, without the seller being offended. If you want Realtor that makes it his business to take your search for a home personal with no settling and no regrets...Ozzy is your Realtor! "

Michael & Okeshia Johnson



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