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Buying New Home


Getting a great deal on a New Home is easy! Especially, when your agent have 12 years of experience working for Home Builders. Osvaldo Ozzy Reyes has inside knowledge of all the best deals on the market?

    Ozzy, worked for several Home Builders in San Antonio Texas, and now he want to leverage his New Home knowledge and relationships to get you the best deal on a New Home!

    Ozzy helped over 600 New Home buyers find their dream home. In today's market, it is very important to have a Realtor that has New Home experience, understands the builder's bottom price, and is working on your side.  My network extends to builders such as Pulte Homes, DR Horton, Ryland Home, Logan, Lennar Homes, KB Homes, Toll Brothers,  and much more! Getting a good deal on a new home requires inside experience, good negotiation skills, and special relationships.  Call Ozzy to see how much he can save you on your next home! 210-884-5486



Myths about Buying a New Home Without an Agent

    You save more money if you don't have an agent  Not true! In my 12 years of selling for builders, the buyers being represented with a well qualified agent usually get the better deal. By carefully comparing other builders and older homes in the neighborhood, a good agent knows the value of the new home. Also, the commission paid to the agent is an advertising expense, so is not part of the incentive package to the buyer.

Three biggest mistakes buyers make purchasing a new home from a builder:

  • They don't hire an agent with new home experience! Buyers think they don't need an agent when buying a new home. If you don't hire an agent to represent you then the builder's agent represents you. Whose interest do you think is more important, their employer or you?
  • The home builder's goal is to sell you a home for the highest price possible! Their own New Home Agent is there to make that happen!
  • The sales representative's job is to up sell you on as many options as possible, many of which you do not need or can be negotiated for free.








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