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The seller's participation is the key.  Suggestions and tips.





  1. Let the Light in -Open Drapes and Blinds   

  2. Windows Should Spark Clean

  3. Detail and clean Doors and Woodwork

  4. Attend to the Yard-remove weeds in flower beds:  trim and edge grass, add new color to the yard with annual plants or if is winter, add evergreen color to the front walk or porch.

  5. De-Clutter and De-Personalize

  6. Deep Clean The Kitchen and Bathrooms

  7. Remove all non vital items from the kitchen cabinets for a non-cluttered look

  8. Appliances should sparkle as though they were brand new.  Remove appliances from countertops.

  9. Beautiful, shiny floors are a huge drawing card

  10. Fresh paint always give a New Home look.  It is a cost-effective way to change the look and feel of a room.

  11. Remove at least one-third of all books and accessories from bookcases and built-in cabinets so it looks more spacious.

  12. Remove 25% of clothing from rods in closet to give the closet a more spacious look.

  13. Remove furniture or rearrange furniture.

  14. Accessorize and decorate- use the “cantaloupe rule” remove all items around the home that are smaller than a cantaloupe.

  15. Fix and Repair

  16. Get Rid of all Odors-Please remove cat boxes from site

  17. Animals are a distraction to the showing process. Place animals in kennel or arrange for offsite pet care during this time. Water bowls, animal food bowls should all be put out of site after use.



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